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Digitalized Properties.

We are an innovative Real Estate fund, pioneering the use of state-of-the-art technologies to redefine the landscape of property acquisition, management, and value optimization. 
Our mission is to transform the traditional real estate paradigm, leveraging advanced digital solutions to drive unparalleled returns for our investors. 

With a strategic focus on the USA, UK, and Germany, our portfolio is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in the global

real estate market


The forefront of technological innovation
in the real estate industry

Disruptive Properties operations management

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Disruptive new revenues for Tenants

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      Our village

Disruptive new revenues for Real-Estate owners

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       Property Power
     Nature 6

Disruptive Assets Acquisition models

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Impact Knights

Disruptive portfolio optimization model

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Disruptive Tenants Services

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       Digital Power

Disruptive aspects

Disruption in real estate portfolio management is essential, replacing conventional methods with superior strategies for unprecedented value creation.


By innovating operational, financial, and managerial aspects, we streamline processes and enhance performance. This paradigm shift towards

disruptive models and technologies mark

the future of real estate, promising

unparalleled growth.



Digitalized Properties' unique innovation strategy is reshaping real estate portfolio management, utilizing a potent mix of an in-house R&D team, advanced AI and deep tech lab, and real-world testing.

Our comprehensive process guides innovations from initial concept to final product, undergoing stages of development, lab testing, maturation, and real-world application.

This rigorous approach, steered by our diverse Innovation Task Force, results in efficient, cost-effective solutions that are transforming the real estate market.

Acquisitions platform


Tenants Pltaform

Our Village platform


Properties Development Platform

Impact Knight

Revenue & Value management platform

        PRaaS;        Nature6

Portfolio Real-time digitalized control room


Digitalized Operation & Maintenance


The significance of Iterative Optimization in real estate portfolio management is immense.

It offers a systematic way to harness the maximum potential of innovative technologies, through continuous refinement based on real-world feedback and performance metrics.


Insights from actual property management scenarios guide us to uncover and rectify areas needing improvement. This continuous refinement process culminates in optimized solutions for both property acquisition and management, resulting in heightened efficiency and profitability.

Ultimately, Iterative Optimization serves as the backbone of our approach, driving superior outcomes and maximizing portfolio value.

Iterative Optimization

Identify needs






Integrate into portfolio

Collect data

Optimize performance



Continous  improvement

Optimize solutions

Upgrade technology

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